At Buddy's Kitchen, our policy is to continuously work to reduce waste in our operations and minimize the environmental effect of our operations. We demonstrate this by:

  • Recycling: We recycled 317 tons of corrugated materials in 2010!

  • Using Recycled Content: We purchase corrugated cardboard with 100% recycled content in all applications where quality is not compromised. In all other applications, we attempt to maximize recycled content.

  • Reducing Our Consumption: We work to optimize package size, cube utilization and delivery frequency, and try to point out additional reduction opportunities to our customers when they drive the packaging design process.

  • Re-Using Materials: We send and receive frozen samples frequently, and the packaging material is reused whenever possible.

  • Careful Vendor Selection: We favor vendors that share our strong commitment to reducing waste, and we challenge other vendors to increase their commitment.

  • 100 Mile Supply Chain: Since our founding in 1974, we have demonstrated a preference for ingredient vendors that are located near us. In most cases, our long-term vendor/partners are located within 100 miles of our plant. This minimizes waste in a number of ways, especially by reducing the environmental impact of in-bound shipping.

  • ARROW Award Recipient 2010: This is an award for the recycling and reduction of waste awarded by Dakota County Minnesota, where Buddy's Kitchen is located.

  • Energy Efficiency: We have a continuous program to evaluate and reduce our energy consumption, including audits, fixture replacement with more efficient units, ongoing dock door seals repair and other preventative maintenance activities.

  • Cage-Free Laying Hens: 5% of the liquid eggs used in making our omelets and egg sandwiches come from "cage-free" hens. We will continue to evaluate this action based on animal science and best industry practices.