Frozen Food Co-Packer

Buddy's Kitchen provides outstanding co-packing services, specializing in frozen sandwiches and premium breakfast products. Our expertise and experience in frozen foods, along with our commitment to food safety, assures consistently high quality with flawless performance. We can set up a dedicated processing line staffed with a highly skilled and experienced workforce for your custom food packaging, maximizing efficiencies and responsiveness while providing you with outstanding service at competitive costs. We feature:
  • Food Safety: Executive commitment that embraces the concepts of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). We have attained Safe Quality Food Level II certification.
  • Highly Flexible Production Lines with Fast Changeover: With manual production lines, operated by experienced, skilled production workers, we have the ability to set up and change over rapidly.
  • Pockets of Automation for Cost Efficiencies: We employ substantial automation in key areas to supplement our manual processes.
  • Latest Food Assembly Technology: Buddy's Kitchen continually invests in the latest technology to improve product quality and cost.
Let us handle all the preparation and packaging details. Maximize your return on investment by using our facility, equipment, inventory, labor and distribution system. We handle the manufacturing while you focus on marketing and branding. Our commitment to quality will insure that your customers get a consistent product time after time.

We provide a full range of co-packing services:
  • Product Development
  • Sandwich Assembly
  • Private Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Logistics
We have been producing custom products since 1974 for a variety of customers. Let the frozen food specialists be your co-packing partner.